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Kenny's Irish Times Article Drove Me Around The Bend

It is hard to believe that a Taoiseach of this country could write the drivel that Kenny wrote in the Irish Times of 4 March 2013 and it is equally hard to believe that the Irish Times printed such dross. Below are Kenny's comments and my personal responses to them.

The Government is dedicated to working with the people to build on the progress achieved in the last two years

Response: You are not working with the people; you are actively working in defiance of the people, whom you betrayed by transferring private bank debt to sovereign debt and by repaying speculators and gamblers for unsecured debts.

Two years ago, Fine Gael and the Labour Party were given a clear mandate by the Irish people – to take the necessary decisions to achieve economic recovery and to get Ireland working again.

Response: You were not given a clear mandate by the Irish people; you and Labour lied to the people and clearly failed to live up to the promises you made. You cannot pretend not to have known because the books were open to you and you knew the facts.

While I acknowledge that we still have a long way to go, it is clear Ireland is headed in the right direction and there is light at the end of this tunnel. Our international integrity and respect for our country have been restored and there is now a clear incentive to build on the progress made.

Response: There is no light at the end of the tunnel, unless it is from an oncoming train of more debt, repossessions, more taxes, more levies and reduced spending on public services. And for all public servants, July will bring disastrous further cuts in their incomes, leading to a huge shrinking in economic activity.

Two years ago, the economy was in freefall, jobs were being lost by the thousand, our banking system was on the brink and Ireland’s reputation was in tatters. We set out our clear plan for economic recovery and have been working hard to deliver it. Working in partnership with the Irish people, we brought a new stability to the economy and to our public finances.

Response: You are not working in partnership with the people and no amount of repeating this lie will make it any more believable; you are working in clear defiance of the people and using every means possible to intimidate and threaten them. Spying on them; threatening their livelihoods; raiding their pay packets and bank accounts; threatening their homes.

That plan is working.

The sacrifices of the Irish people are beginning to pay dividends. Confidence is returning. Foreign direct investment by firms is at a 10-year high. The economy has returned to modest growth for two years running. Irish exports are at all-time highs. The flow of investments in new jobs by multinational companies is strong. We have seen the first annual increase in employment since 2008. Long-term Government bond yields are now at less than 4 per cent, down from a peak of more than 14 per cent.

Response: I’d love to know where the dividends are going. I have certainly received none of then. Bankers, politicians, insiders and consultants in Reilly’s empire may have; but not me or many people I know. The increase in employment rate is because of emigration, which is destroying the fabric of this country.

The new stability and confidence have been hard won. To get interest rates down and attract more investment into the economy, we have had to rebuild our international reputation for responsible financial management. Ninety per cent of the fiscal consolidation is complete and borrowing is on target to fall to below 3 per cent of GDP by 2015.

Response: You must be joking about confidence. There is no confidence, only despair at the crushing austerity that is destroying our people and our nation. Who do govern for? The Irish people or German banks? You have betrayed the people.

We renegotiated the interest rates on the bailout loans to reduce the long-run cost by €9 billion. By getting rid of the promissory notes and by liquidating Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Nationwide, we have cut our borrowing requirements by €20 billion over the next 10 years.

Response: You did not get rid of the promissory note – you merely changed the terms and turned it into long term bonds. We still have to pay back every cent. Do you think it is appropriate for the Taoiseach to lie in such a blatant manner to the people? Oh, I forgot, you proved you do by your actions during and after the last election.

Other banks have been recapitalised and restructured, with new boards and management teams. The bank guarantee has been ended, some stakes in the banks have been sold, deposits are flowing back and emergency central bank funding is no longer needed.

Response: And now those same banks, bailed out by the people, are going to descend like vultures on people in trouble and repossess their homes. Bankers’ remuneration remains disgracefully high.

At the core of the Government’s strategy is the creation of jobs for our people. While the unemployment problem has stabilised, I acknowledge that far too many people cannot find work, or have had to leave the country to get a job. Our aim is to make Ireland, by 2016, the best small country in the world in which to do business and to create jobs.

Response: You are destroying jobs in the public sector and creating economic conditions that will further erode jobs in the domestic economy. "Unemployment problem?" It's a crisis, Enda, not a problem. If I hear that you want to make Ireland “the best small country in the world in which to do business” again I will scream. I see you are now adding in “and to create jobs” because you see the devastation that your policies are having on job sustainability and creation. Oh – and leaving the country is called EMIGRATION! Get it? EMIGRATION. Why don't you make it the best small country in the world in which to live? Wouldn't that be a more apt aspiration, one that thought of people and not just business.

We protected our 12.5 per cent rate of corporate tax, and cut employers’ PRSI. We have driven implementation of the Action Plan for Jobs designed to make it easier to protect and create jobs, and have recently published a further 330 actions for 2013, including a new subsidy for employers who hire people who have been long-term unemployed.

Response: Window dressing.

Banks have been set ambitious lending targets and the Government has put in place a loan guarantee system and micro- finance fund for small businesses that would not otherwise have access to credit. We announced a €2.25 billion stimulus in job-rich public infrastructure projects.

This strategy has started to turn the tide. From a position where Ireland lost 250,000 private sector jobs in the three years before we took office, new figures last week have shown that private sector employment has grown on average by 1,000 jobs a month in the past 15 months.

Response: The tide is not turning. This is utter rubbish. People are in despair. How many people are emigrating every month?

We have also taken actions to protect the most vulnerable. We reversed Fianna Fáil’s cut in the minimum wage to make sure people are better off in a job than on welfare. We kept our promise to protect primary weekly social welfare rates. We enacted new personal insolvency legislation to help families in mortgage arrears, and other distressed borrowers, reach a fair settlement with their lenders while staying in the family home. We excluded 330,000 of the lowest paid from the universal social charge.

Response: You have not protected the most vulnerable; you have simply made far more people vulnerable. By excluding such a large cohort from USC you are, in effect, coming back to the same well – the squeezed middle class – to suck up more grossly unjust taxation. What planet are you actually living on?

We are also reforming the political system and public service to make it more effective and efficient, and to make sure politicians and top public servants share in the sacrifices being made by the entire country. We have cut politicians’ pay and expenses. The number of TDs will be reduced at the next election, the Dáil has increased its working days by 30 per cent and the people will have their say on the abolition of the Seanad later this year.

Response: You are making a tiny reduction in the number of TDs. The number could be slashed in half and there would probably still be too many of you. You are not worth your salaries and expenses. When, exactly, are you getting rid of the Seanad? By your actions and constant attacks on public service workers, you are destroying morale in the sector. Working conditions are desperate in many places and all goodwill will be lost after 1 July. And, as usual, you and your cronies in Fine Gael and Labour are scapegoating and demonising public servants.

We are overhauling the local government system, including cutting the number of councillors by more than a third. The Constitutional Convention has been established to look at other changes needed to modernise our system of governance and rights.

Response: You are continuing to strip powers from local government and you lead the most reactionary government in modern times. Your actions and threats in relation to property tax; water charges; septic tank charges; invasions of privacy, etc, bear all the hallmarks of oppressive fascism.

Despite the necessary budget cuts, we are protecting key services, including the health service, by improving productivity, cutting costs and squeezing out waste. Approval of the new public service agreement by union members will be an important step in achieving this objective. Twenty-one State bodies have been fully rationalised and many others are on track.

Response: You are not protecting key services. The cuts in home help, for example are punitive and are having terrible impacts on the lives of those needing care and those caring for them. You have recently abolished the mobility allowance, which was a disgracefully cruel action of an uncaring government.

The economic recovery cannot be allowed to bypass those families most hurt by the collapse. In the year ahead a number of priorities stand out.

Response: Are you serious? Your austerity measures are destroying families.

We will do more to help people back to work, including through further reforms to the welfare system to activate jobless households and by establishing NewERA and the Strategic Investment Fund on a statutory basis to invest €6 billion in strategic sectors.

Response: On the one hand your policies are destroying the economy and jobs and on the other you are promising money for investment in “strategic sectors”. I will believe it when I see it. You and your government will not be happy, I suspect, until there is not a secure job left in Ireland and we become Americanised, with people needing multiple insecure jobs merely to survive.

We are working closely with the banks and the financial regulator to accelerate the work-out of the mortgage crisis. We will exit the IMF-EU programme, while sticking firmly to a path of reducing borrowing and debt to sustainable levels. This is essential if investor confidence is to be copperfastened.

Response: You are also about to unleash a wave of repossessions on people. You failed to bring in a personal insolvency system similar to other countries, but went for another job of window dressing. You will not let people out from under the cosh of financial oppression by banks, in particular.

This year will see the introduction of a local property tax to fund local services. This is a fair and jobs-friendly way to raise revenue needed to close the Government deficit because, unlike income tax, it does not penalise work and effort.

Response: This is perhaps the most deluded statement you make in the whole article (but did you actually write this drivel?). If you had reduced taxes on work to the same amount that you are imposing property tax, this might be believable. But you are actually raising taxes and cutting public sector wages at the same time as you are imposing the property tax. Where do you think people will get the money to pay the property tax? Out of their wages, of course, if they are fortunate enough to have a job. And, giving the lie to your “jobs-friendly” assertion, you intend to directly rob workers’ wages and bank accounts if they cannot pay. This is perhaps the greatest abuse of power and of the citizenry that had been undertaken by a government in recent years. Your zeal for punishing the people and hoovering up every spare penny they have (actually, there is no spare cash for most people) is breathtaking. Shame on you.

Throughout this crisis, the patience and support of the Irish people have been instrumental in turning our country around. As I travel the country I am always enthused by the energy and commitment of the communities and businesses I encounter to move out of the crisis we inherited.

Response: You hold power in defiance of the Irish people and you use draconian legislation to subdue them. You must be well protected travelling the country because there is a seething anger among the people. Listen to the radio; read the papers; listen to people in conversations in work, clubs and pubs and you will see how much anger there is. Watch this video of your Minister for “Social Protection” (what a laugh that is) being run out of a shopping centre in Dundalk at a sham “jobs fair” and you will see how much anger there is. A far cry from your “energy and commitment of communities and businesses”. People are seething with anger; don’t you get it?

I am committed to continuing to work in partnership with the people as we build on the progress we have achieved in the past two years.

Response: You are not working in partnership with the people; you and your Labour lackeys hold power based on lies and on the betrayal of the people. Don’t accept the public sector pay cuts? We will legislate. Don’t have as much power as your work colleagues? We will use it as an opportunity to divide and conquer. Don’t pay your property tax? We will raid your bank account and pay packet without your agreement. Don’t register for the property tax? We will use the spy in the sky to get you. Trouble paying your mortgage? We will repossess your property. Incur a minor traffic offence? We will heap penalty points on you and make sure your insurance goes up. Yep, that's partnership alright!

Together we will get Ireland working again.

Response: This whole article is a disgrace and is nothing but the worst and most blatant form of government propaganda. Even you cannot seriously believe the drivel you have put your name to here. The work “austerity” does not appear once in the article; neither does the word “emigration”; “suicide” is not mentioned either although there is a clear correlation emerging between increasing cases of suicide and your austerity programme – your government is costing lives.

There is despair in the country, all because the people have been forced by you to shoulder the burden of bondholder and German bank debt. Shame on you for writing this utter nonsense and shame on your government for continuing to mete out your terror on the Irish people. You and your government are a disgrace and you should go now and let the people have their say on your true actions and intent, and not on the lies Fine Gael and Labour uttered at the last election.

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