Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Congratulations To Dublin North's Newly Elected TDs

It's all over in Dublin North and nearly all over in the rest of the country, with just a few recounts taking place. As was widely predicted, Fianna Fail and the Green Party were decimated and the electorate finally got their revenge. I am very pleased that Dublin North has no Fianna Fail or Green Party deputies and that, in the whole of Dublin, Fianna Fail only have one seat - Brian Lenihan's - and the Greens have been completely wiped out.

It is very clear from the election result that the electorate have utterly rejected Fianna Fail, so the calls from some that Fine Gael and Fianna Fail should go into government together must be rejected. For this to happen would be an outrage and an insult to the electorate. Fianna Fail must not see power for at least a generation, until the poison of corruption is truly removed from the party. I would actually prefer if the party disapeared altogether, but this is probably not a realistic hope.

The electorate clearly voted for a coalition of Fine Gael and Labour, since neither party got sufficient votes to form a government on their own, but both did historically well in the election.  I hope that the two parties can agree a programme for government over the next few days and that the Labour Party conference will support their going into government; I have a feeling they will.

Dublin North has three new TDs: Clare Daly (Socialist Party), Brenda Ryan (Labour Party) and Alan Farrell (Fine Gael) and one returning TD, James Reilly (Fine Gael). I congratulate them and wish them all well. I hope that they will do some service nationally and also represent their constituency well. I'll be keeping an eye on them!