Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hit Me Now With The Baby In My Arms

Fianna Fail's Darragh O'Brien (Dublin North) appears to be getting desperate in his election campaign. On RTE radio today, he stressed that he is a young married man with children and a big mortgage, with no business connections. As a constituent of O'Brien's (though hopefully not for much longer), I got a letter from him along the same lines this morning. So what he is saying, in other words, is that he is just like the rest of us and, on this basis, he argues that he understands the issues facing the electorate.

Clearly seeing that his days on the Dail Eireann gravy train are coming to an end, O'Brien is appealing to the compassion of the electorate. Would you throw a young married man with young children and a big mortgage out of a job? Would you hit me now with the baby in my arms?

Fianna Fail is the most corrupt party in the history of the Irish state; the party of bribery, bailouts, handouts, dig outs, cronyism and nepotism. The bankers' party; the Anglo party; the NAMA party; the DDDA party; the developers' party; the landowners' party; the rezoners' party; the Galway tent party. The party of the greatest crook of them all, Charles Haughey, and his bribers, friends and proteges.

Darragh, your fate now lies with the fate of that poisonous tribe that threw hundreds of thousands of people on the slag heap of unemployment. You may join them soon (along with a lot of your colleagues, I hope) when the people of Dublin North and the people of Ireland have their say.

Your party is the party that filled boats and planes as they carried another generation of our young people away from Ireland and scattered them to the four corners of the globe on the emigrant trail again. The party that abandoned tens of thousands of apprentices to the Limbo of no job, no qualifications, no prospects and no future. The party of ghost estates; open sewers; health hazards; unbridled development; ruined towns and villages, and destruction of country life. The party that demonised and vilified public servants; set worker against worker; young against old; labour against capital; public against private; town against country. The party that destroyed Ireland.

I despise your party for what it has done to me, to my children, to my friends, to my colleagues, to our society, to social solidarity, to the economy and to the country. So tomorrow, I look forward to voting and leaving a big blank space beside Kennedy and O'Brien. You are both finished. And good riddance.