Thursday, February 03, 2011

Labour's Broadband Rating System Is Crazy

As if the Green lunacy of a Building Energy Rating system was not bad enough, Labour has now come up with the utterly ridiculous idea of a Broadband Rating System for properties being sold or rented. Once again, the dead hand of Government and the burden of oppressive regulation falls on householders and businesses. This policy is utter lunacy and interferes, once again, with the property rights of individuals. And, no doubt, there will be an industry of "Broadband Raters" developed with consequent added cost to the renter or seller.

Broadband is now capable of being delivered in many ways - telephone landline, cable, satellite and mobile devices. Increasingly, it will become a mobile service and not a fixed service at the property. Users will carry their broadband around with them, not have it fixed at a property.

Broadband facilities should suit the needs of the user, not the perceived need of a regulator, so the idea of a rating system is utterly ridiculous.This is another example of Government and political parties interfering too much in our lives and trying to dictate how we live, down to the minutest detail.

So if you are a property owner - whether a householder, landlord or business property owner - oppose this Labour Party folly and withhold your vote.

Labour Keep Giving Me Reasons Not To Vote For Them

Now the Labour Party want to negotiate a three year pay freeze in the public and private sectors. I can't understand how they keep introducing such anti-worker policies. Will they also bring in a tax increase freeze? a petrol price rise freeze? a rent increase freeze? a local authority charges freeze?

I am bitterly disappointed in what I am hearing from Labour and simply can't vote for them. What a shame.