Wednesday, March 09, 2011

RTE's Ageist Coverage of 31st Dail is Shameful

I have followed the coverage of today's affairs in relation to the 31st Dail by RTE and I am utterly disgusted at the ageist theme running through all of it - from Morning Ireland to Pat Kenny and Drivetime. It is an utter disgrace and RTE should be ashamed of its editorial line. On Drivetime, a contributor to the programme said - with absolutely no evidence to back up the assertion - that the new Cabinet appeared "male and stale". Whatever about "male", how could she possibly call a Cabinet that has not even met "stale"? This is desperately poor production based on cliched thinking.

Having done such a great job on the coverage of the election counts, RTE have really let themselves down with their ageist coverage of today's events. Shame on them.

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