Thursday, March 03, 2011

Cowen's Latest Act of Contempt for the Electorate

I am utterly disgusted at Brian Cowen's appointment of Darragh O'Brien to Seanad Eireann. Cowen, who did not have the nerve to present himself to the people for election and is Prime Minister merely by dint of a constitutional quirk, has the gall to appoint someone whom the electorate of Dublin North so recently rejected and who represents a party that failed the nation so badly and that was destroyed in the recent election. He has a cheek, but can I really be surprised at anything that party and its leaders would stoop to?

It is remarkable how quickly Cowen filled the Seanad vacancy in contrast to his leaving the Dail without three representatives for months. Democracy and the constitution counted for little then and it took Sinn Fein and the High Court to remind Cowen of his duty to the people. He has clearly forgotten it again.

Michael Martin has a long road ahead if he wants to renew Fianna Fail because sharp practice, abuse of position and contempt for the people is in the party's DNA.

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