Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Lenihan's Rationalisation of His Payoff Does Not Add Up

It is remarkable that Brian Lenihan can rationalise his and Michael Martin's availing of a huge payoff when they are thrown out of office in a few weeks time because it was a "settled arrangement." I'm a public servant too and I had a "settled arrangement" in respect of my salary (which was subject to a contract between my employer and me), my pension arrangements and my terms and conditions of employment.

Lenihan had no trouble tearing up that "settled arrangement" when he chose, with his Fianna Fail and Green Party co-conspirators, to demonise, malign and victimise public servants so that he could alienate them in the eyes of the public and then make savage cuts in their remuneration arrangements.

So, if he can do it to me, there is no reason why he can't tear up this disgraceful arrangement for paying off Ministers who failed so spectacularly in their duty to the country.
And, of course, Lenihan has no problem referring to the value of his payoff after all deductions, while he prefers to refer to the gross salaries of public servants, just to make the situation look worse and to heap further opprobrium on decent hard working public servants.

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