Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Soup and Forks

It was once said of Alan Dukes that, if it was raining soup, he would have a fork in his hand. Listening to Brian Hayes, Deputy Spokesman on Finance, on radio today, it seems that Fine Gael is about to reach for the forks again.

Hayes was asked if Fine Gael would vote against the budget and repeatedly failed to say what the party would do. He fudged the issue and said it depended on the budget. With the Labour Party having declared that it will vote against the budget, for Fine Gael to hold this position is naive, incompetent and politicaly inept.

It is clear that if Fine Gael announces now that, like Labour, it will vote against the budget no matter what it contains, then the current Fianna Fail government - the worst in the history of the state - will have to resign immediately. For a government to bring in a budget that it knew would not have the support of the Dail would be reckless and unforgivable (but, I suppose, what's new for Fianna Fail?). Therefore, the government, in the knowledge that it could not command a majority would have no choice but to resign now and have a general election - which is what the country needs - now. This would give the people the opportunity to vote on the major issues affecting us. It would also give the incoming government time to bring in a budget before the end of the year.

So, I appeal to Fine Gael to announce now that they will not support the budget under any circumstances and give us the election that the vast majority of people want.

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