Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Conduct Unbecoming Fianna Fail? What A Joke

For a party steeped in corruption; double dealing; corruption of local democracy; land re-zonings; bribery; brown envelopes; betting wins; telephone bugging; golden circles; financial scandals; whip-arounds; cheating on expenses and who knows what else, how could any action by a member of that corrupt party, Fianna Fail, be considered "conduct unbecoming". The idea is a joke.

Fianna Fail is simply a corrupt, worthless party and those in power in that party today cannot say that they were not aware of the activities listed above. Most of the current crop are the same age as me and I remember specific incidents of all of the above and others I can't mention for fear of libel or slander charges in our "open" democracy.

The corruption of that party - now kept in power by a worthless Green Party with no values - led to the destruction of Irish society and of the Irish economy. The rot ran so deep that the end result was inevitable.

The Irish people need to get rid of this band of renegades, gangsters, cheats, gombeen men and cretins as soon as possible. Bring on the election; destroy corrupt Fianna Fail and wash the Greens away.