Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some Times You Gotta See The Funny Side

Soup and Forks

It was once said of Alan Dukes that, if it was raining soup, he would have a fork in his hand. Listening to Brian Hayes, Deputy Spokesman on Finance, on radio today, it seems that Fine Gael is about to reach for the forks again.

Hayes was asked if Fine Gael would vote against the budget and repeatedly failed to say what the party would do. He fudged the issue and said it depended on the budget. With the Labour Party having declared that it will vote against the budget, for Fine Gael to hold this position is naive, incompetent and politicaly inept.

It is clear that if Fine Gael announces now that, like Labour, it will vote against the budget no matter what it contains, then the current Fianna Fail government - the worst in the history of the state - will have to resign immediately. For a government to bring in a budget that it knew would not have the support of the Dail would be reckless and unforgivable (but, I suppose, what's new for Fianna Fail?). Therefore, the government, in the knowledge that it could not command a majority would have no choice but to resign now and have a general election - which is what the country needs - now. This would give the people the opportunity to vote on the major issues affecting us. It would also give the incoming government time to bring in a budget before the end of the year.

So, I appeal to Fine Gael to announce now that they will not support the budget under any circumstances and give us the election that the vast majority of people want.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rabbitte Devours Carey

Well done Pat. About time someone told it like it is.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Irish Economy Shrinks - Can We Be Surprised?

Can we be surprised that the Irish economy shrank in the second quarter of this year? A clueless government has no idea what it is at and is simply making it up as it goes along - and getting it wrong again and again.

How could our economy grow when the government itself is responsible for creating so much economic uncertainty? Lenihan tells us that cuts in excess of 3 billion need to be made, fanning the flames of fear and unease which, in turn, cause people not to spend or invest. Jobless numbers rise and we get a pathetic eleventh hour summit of state agencies assembled by a beleaguered and floundering prime minister who has clearly lost the confidence of the country and of many in his own party. Emigration rises, particularly among the young and well educated, the very people who were supposed to be our best assets and our hope for the future. They now find work in Australia, Canada, Germany, Britain and Europe and leave Ireland in their thousands, let down by a government forever tainted by the whiff of corruption and incompetence. Those who remain behind are suffering job losses; reduced hours; massive wage cuts, particularly in the public sector, and a general air of hopelessness.

As long as this government holds on to power there will be no improvement in the economy. No one has faith in them and no one believes what they say anymore. While Lenihan may sound convincing, the fact is that his policies and predictions have been wrong at every turn. In the upcoming budget, he is likely to completely destroy the Irish economy and the country with it. His policies are wrong, period.

When we need leaders, we have a band of discredited and worthless cretins in power. They hold power under false pretences and have usurped our democracy. They have no right or capability to govern and should be routed at the earliest opportunity.

Get them out!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cowen's fitness to perform his job

Following a late night where it seems Cowen had a few pints, he was less than at his best the next morning on RTE Radio. Indeed, his performance was so poor that he had to apologise to the Irish people. And so we get apologies from him and excuses from his colleagues and undertakings not to let it happen again. Would you really apologise just because you were hoarse? Come on! Do you think we are fools, Cowen?

As Abraham Lincoln is reputed to have said, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time." Fianna Fail seem to think that they can, in fact, fool all of the people all of the time. They will learn soon enough the folly of their ways. Sadly, however, they may have completely ruined the country by then.

If Cowen was not able to perform in front of the RTE microphone while addressing perhaps half a million listeners, how does he perform after a few drinks in the privacy of his own office? One wonders and worries.

Is he the man we need or want to run this country in these troubled times? My answer, regardless of his having been under the weather on RTE, is that he is unfit in any circumstances due to his culpability in creating the collapse of the nation and the economy. If any person has a problem dealing with drink and performing his job after having a few pints, he has no business being the leader of a country.

If it looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck ... it is a duck!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Conduct Unbecoming Fianna Fail? What A Joke

For a party steeped in corruption; double dealing; corruption of local democracy; land re-zonings; bribery; brown envelopes; betting wins; telephone bugging; golden circles; financial scandals; whip-arounds; cheating on expenses and who knows what else, how could any action by a member of that corrupt party, Fianna Fail, be considered "conduct unbecoming". The idea is a joke.

Fianna Fail is simply a corrupt, worthless party and those in power in that party today cannot say that they were not aware of the activities listed above. Most of the current crop are the same age as me and I remember specific incidents of all of the above and others I can't mention for fear of libel or slander charges in our "open" democracy.

The corruption of that party - now kept in power by a worthless Green Party with no values - led to the destruction of Irish society and of the Irish economy. The rot ran so deep that the end result was inevitable.

The Irish people need to get rid of this band of renegades, gangsters, cheats, gombeen men and cretins as soon as possible. Bring on the election; destroy corrupt Fianna Fail and wash the Greens away.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Don't Do It,CPSU!

The CPSU Annual Conference will take place in Galway this weekend. I understand from media reports that motions will be proposed seeking a reduction in the pay of union officials commensurate with the reductions suffered by members due to salary reductions and pension levies. If these motions are passed it will be a disaster for the union and for the fight against the savage pay cuts that have taken place.

I understand the anger of union members about the savage attacks on their pay and conditions and on their very livelihoods . I also understand their anger at the Government-initiated, media-fuelled, right-wing attacks being perpetrated at the moment, which are now leading to a call for privatisation of services such as the Passport Office service. This is part of a concerted campaign by the interests of capital - that have corrupted this country to its core - to decimate as many public services as possible so that they can be run down, converted to poor quality private services, and sold at a profit (e.g. Eircom [disaster]; Aer Lingus [disaster]; SR Technics [disaster]; Dublin Docklands Development Authority [disaster]; waste management and refuse collection [disaster]).

So, when union members are being ravaged in their pockets and attacked on all sides, why am I asking them not to vote to cut the salaries of their paid officials? Because to do so would indicate clearly that the members accept the principle of pay cuts and, therefore, the implementation of pay cuts. They will have given the enemies of labour (of which there are many) in the government, the media, business and wider society the greatest weapon to attack them with - their own acceptance of the logic of pay cuts. Within 24 hours (perhaps less), this very point will be made in the media, by government spokespeople and by business leaders. The unions' cause will be seriously damaged.

So I urge all union members - but particularly, at this time, the members of the CPSU - not to give a golden opportunity to their enemies and vote to cut the pay of their officials.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Time for Unions to Hang Tough

At last the work-to-rule is having an effect on the public, and near time. Irish public sector workers have been made the scapegoats for the depression, that was actually caused by Fianna Fail, banks, developers and the so-called professional classes of lawyers, accountants, auctioneers and their like.

The quality of public debate, most recently characterised by the utter shite spouted by idiots on Joe Duffy's Liveline today on RTE, is so poor that there is no point anymore in the unions getting into debate. The only thing to do is to continue and to escalate the action against this government that slashed workers wages and vilified public sector workers over the last 18 months in a concerted black propaganda campaign. And that campaign will escalate now as the government rallies its spin doctors, mouth-pieces and apologists for an assault on the airwaves where, as usual, they will get a supine, craven, uncritical audience by media that are nothing but vehicles of right-wing propaganda.

The government fooled the unions before by bringing them into negotiations last December and then walking out, making idiots of union members and their leaders. Remember the old saying: "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

So let's go for it, brothers and sisters, and take the fight to the government and the public. There will be problems and difficulties, but that's life.

Isn't it amazing how the people queuing outside the passport office in Dublin today suddenly realise how important the work done by those "back room" civil servants is. Different message from before, when they didn't matter; were useless; lazy bastards; less than scum; you name it, public servants were called it. Well, now the worm is turning.

My message to all the complainers: "Fuck Off."

To my union brothers and sisters: Hang tough! Keep up the struggle! Defend your pay and conditions! Fight for your rights! Bring this worthless government down!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tap Runners

Thanks to all those "public-spirited" people who have been running taps and wasting millions of gallons of water, simply for their own naked self-interest. Due to your completely selfish actions, civic-minded citizens all over Ireland are suffering needless water cuts, leading to great inconvenience and hardship for many.

Your type make me sick.