Sunday, November 22, 2009

Unions Give Up Trump Card

If reports are true that the unions have agreed not to strike in some parts of the country on Tuesday because of the weather conditions, they have just made a major blunder. After months and months of politically motivated and generated attacks on public servants and the valuable work they do for society, the unions, when they have an opportunity to give the greatest ever demonstration of the value they provide - which goes largely unnoticed - appear to be about to play right into the hands of their opponents.

Every day of the week all over this country, public servants provide essential services to society. Nurses, doctors, firefighters, Gardai, soldiers, etc. The usual suspects, if you like. But all of these are supported - and cannot work without - the services provided by computer analysts; payroll staff; recruiters in HR; finance people who pay bills; cleaners who keep offices fit to work in, etc. I could go on. I never agreed with the idea of the Frontline Alliance because the front line, whether we like it or not, cannot operate without the back office. That is the nature of organisations.

If the unions call off Tuesday's action, they will have done a severe disservice to all public servants.

Update: 11 a.m. 22 November 2009

I have just heard this confirmed by a SIPTU representative on radio news. Unbelievable stupidity.