Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gormley Adds To The Manure Heap

I could barely contain my anger listening to the absolute shite John Gormley spoke on the right-wing programme, the Wide Angle, with Karen Coleman this morning. Asked would there be social welfare cuts in the budget later this year, Gormley said that he could not comment on that as it is a budgetary matter. Later, however, he had no problem in telling us that there would be a carbon tax in the budget. What a load of absolute shite.

Let's face it, the ordinary taxpayer will be screwed in the budget while the fat cats will continue to get off scott free.

As if it was not bad enough listening to Gormley's gormless ramblings, Eamonn Ryan is now adding further to the manure heap on the grossly over-paid Marion Finucane's programme on RTE.

The Green Party did a disservice to the Irish people yesterday in voting for the so-called programme for Government and NAMA, the Dick Turpin arrangements for bailing out developers and bankers.

I just can't wait to get a go at these guys when the election finally comes.