Monday, March 09, 2009

Sad News From Northern Ireland

The news tonight of the murder of a PSNI officer, following so closely on the murder of two young soldiers and wounding of innocent bystanders, is appalling. Those murdering bastards who claim to have perpetrated these deeds in the name of Ireland are a disgrace to this country and I hope they are apprehended soon and receive suitable punishment.

The people of Ireland, North and South, in free elections, voted for the system of government we have now on this Island. It is from that vote that the arrangements in the North and in the South gain their authority. These murdering thugs have no mandate.

I'd like to see the ordinary people of the North, joined by their neighbours in the Republic, take to the streets with a clear message: you have no right to do this in our name. You are
murderers and represent nobody but yourselves. The people are supreme. You will not win. Your cause is lost.

Taxi Drivers Need To Cop On

Why should there be barriers to entry to the job of taxi driver? What is so different between taxi drivers and any other unskilled worker? Should we limit the number of labourers, sanitation workers, delivery men, van drivers? I never heard such a ridiculous proposition in my life as that argued by these brass-necked guys. If you can't make money at a business - get out of it! Don't look for sympathy from a public that was abused by your highly restrictive practices for decades. We have had enough of protectionism of vested interests; indeed, there are still too many vested interests in this country. So I am glad we have a sensible report about taxis and hope the Minister rejects their self-serving call for limits on numbers. They have a neck to even suggest it.