Sunday, August 03, 2008

News bad from K2

Sad to hear news reports that hope is running out for the safe return of those climbers still not accounted for on K2, among them Gerard McDonnell. It seems that they have been missing for so long on the mountain that there is little chance of their survival.

Disaster unfolding on K2

Terrible news coming from K2, where many climbers, having successfully summited the mountain in the past few days, have been lost or injured on the descent due to an ice fall at the bottleneck. Sadly, an Irish climber, Gerard McDonnell, from Kilcornan, Co. Limerick, is among those still not accounted for. This is a terrible outcome follwing the success of the climb along the toughest route in climbing. I hope Gerard and other climbers are recovered safely, but fear for the worst. A special web site has been set up here to give information as it is available. Also keep in touch with events here: