Saturday, September 06, 2008

Palin Speech Made My Skin Crawl

I listened to all the main speeches at the Democratic National Convention and found Obama's speech simply inspiring and moving. Biden's was good too, as were the Clintons'.

So for balance, I decided to listen to the Republic National Convention speeches as well, starting with Sarah Palin's. It made my skin crawl and my stomach turn, to the point that I could not listen to it all (but I will try again, perhaps). I was sickened when that vacuous woman started going on about her family and introducing her tribe of rednecks to the Republican rabble. But I almost heaved when she used her youngest child's handicap to drum up the crowd. At that point, I saw a self-serving woman who is prepared to use even this simple handicapped child for her own political purposes. I could watch no longer and turned off, as the rabble jumped to their feet and bayed for all the little handicapped people. Disgusting.