Monday, March 17, 2008


I am glad that stupid little idiot got out of the tunnel up at the M3. The only pity is that she was not hauled off and thrown in jail for costing the Irish taxpayer a fortune and holding up much needed work on building the M3 motorway.

And there is nothing to see anyway up in Tara, or of the esker. It is just boring landscape and nothing more - I've been up there! So let's not be fooled by this anarchic behaviour by a small band of gobshites. Let's get on with the work.

I remember all the hullabaloo over the swans at the Malahide estuary when we were building the M1 over it. More hold-ups while another set of cranks and assholes had their protests and their days in court. And guess what, the swans and all the other wildlife are still there. And the swans still enjoy meeting people - and especially kids - at the weekend when they go down to see them.

As for those gombeen men and women over in the west with their Shell To Sea campaign. My contempt for that shower of Luddites knows no bounds. But more of that anon, perhaps.

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