Saturday, September 06, 2008

Palin Speech Made My Skin Crawl

I listened to all the main speeches at the Democratic National Convention and found Obama's speech simply inspiring and moving. Biden's was good too, as were the Clintons'.

So for balance, I decided to listen to the Republic National Convention speeches as well, starting with Sarah Palin's. It made my skin crawl and my stomach turn, to the point that I could not listen to it all (but I will try again, perhaps). I was sickened when that vacuous woman started going on about her family and introducing her tribe of rednecks to the Republican rabble. But I almost heaved when she used her youngest child's handicap to drum up the crowd. At that point, I saw a self-serving woman who is prepared to use even this simple handicapped child for her own political purposes. I could watch no longer and turned off, as the rabble jumped to their feet and bayed for all the little handicapped people. Disgusting.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Manchester Martyred in Monaco

Popped down to Monaco to see Manchester United v FC Zenith St-Petersburgh in the UEFA Super Cup last Friday evening in the Stade Louis II, a lovely ground in the centre of Monaco city. The Man U supporters were outnumbered about 4 to 1 by the St-Peterbugh supporters. It wasn't a great performance by Man U and a disappointing result. The atmosphere on the United terrace was a bit muted, especially when the second Peter's goal went in. But, as always with the south of France and Monaco, everything about the trip was great. Fantastic weather and a great contrast to Ireland at the moment. Basking in 36 degrees is a nice way to spend a day. There was plenty of glitter and style in Monaco, needless to say, and it is a great place for people-watching. However, we didn't get much of a chance to linger in the pubs around the ground as the local police imposed an alcohol ban about three hours before kick-off. Still, it was a great trip to one of my favourite locations in europe.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

News bad from K2

Sad to hear news reports that hope is running out for the safe return of those climbers still not accounted for on K2, among them Gerard McDonnell. It seems that they have been missing for so long on the mountain that there is little chance of their survival.

Disaster unfolding on K2

Terrible news coming from K2, where many climbers, having successfully summited the mountain in the past few days, have been lost or injured on the descent due to an ice fall at the bottleneck. Sadly, an Irish climber, Gerard McDonnell, from Kilcornan, Co. Limerick, is among those still not accounted for. This is a terrible outcome follwing the success of the climb along the toughest route in climbing. I hope Gerard and other climbers are recovered safely, but fear for the worst. A special web site has been set up here to give information as it is available. Also keep in touch with events here:

Monday, March 17, 2008


I am glad that stupid little idiot got out of the tunnel up at the M3. The only pity is that she was not hauled off and thrown in jail for costing the Irish taxpayer a fortune and holding up much needed work on building the M3 motorway.

And there is nothing to see anyway up in Tara, or of the esker. It is just boring landscape and nothing more - I've been up there! So let's not be fooled by this anarchic behaviour by a small band of gobshites. Let's get on with the work.

I remember all the hullabaloo over the swans at the Malahide estuary when we were building the M1 over it. More hold-ups while another set of cranks and assholes had their protests and their days in court. And guess what, the swans and all the other wildlife are still there. And the swans still enjoy meeting people - and especially kids - at the weekend when they go down to see them.

As for those gombeen men and women over in the west with their Shell To Sea campaign. My contempt for that shower of Luddites knows no bounds. But more of that anon, perhaps.

Undocumented Irish

Am I the only person who has a pain in my butt listening to the constant moaning and whinging of the so-called "undocumented" Irish in the States? Or, as I am sure many in the USA would prefer to call them, illegal immigrants. You know? Like the ones we have in Ireland now? The ones we are forcefully repatriating - rightly in my opinion - to their own countries?

Listen guys, it is a long time since we were forced out of Ireland because of economic necessity. You over-stayed your welcome and it's not our problem here in Ireland anymore. So, GET OVER IT.