Sunday, May 27, 2007

PD Rout

I shed no tears at the political demise of Michael McDowell and his PD colleagues and hope that their rout will hasten their political extinction. Their policies and philosophy have been comprehensively rejected by the Irish people. Therefore, it would be an affront to our democracy and to our electoral system if that party, particularly through its executive or other non-elected members, had any influence over the next government.

If Mary Harney is to play a role in the next cabinet, she must pay the price: join Fianna Fail.

Broadcast on The Sunday Show on Today FM, 27 May 2007.
Broadcast on Today with Pat Kenny, Monday 28 May 2007.
Published in Irish Times, Monday 29 May 2007.
Published in Irish Independent on Tuesday 29 May 2007.
Published in Irish Examiner on Wednesday 30 May 2007.