Thursday, September 29, 2005

The triumph of evil

According to Edmund Burke "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Yesterday, with one brave exception, an almost full conference hall at the British Labour Party conference watched, and Jack Straw looked on from the podium, as an octogenarian was assaulted and forcibly removed from the hall by a horde of thugs masquerading as "security staff." His crime? Simply challenging Straw's views on Iraq with a single heckle: “nonsense!”

Even more seriously, this 57-year veteran of the Labour Party was arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, which should resonate with us Irish.

Shame on those who sat idly by instead of coming to the aid of this man. Shame on those who assaulted him. But most of all, shame on Jack Straw who did not cry "halt" but chose instead to continue his craven justification of Britain's illegal attack and continuing occupation of Iraq.

How ironic that the gentleman who was so callously assaulted and humiliated should be a Jewish survivor of Nazism.

Also at the conference yesterday, the long-serving MP, Austin Mitchell's digital camera was seized and the photographs he'd taken were deleted.

Is all of this a sign of New Labour's brand of "National Socialism?"