Thursday, July 28, 2005

Is the war really over?

It was great to hear a spokesman for the so-called Irish Republican Army (IRA) confirm that that illegal, murderous and racketeering organisation is about to disband and discard their weapons, pursuing only peaceful and democratic means to achieve its aims in future. Let's hope that this is not another false dawn; we have had too many of them in the past.

Also let's hope that the British Government or the Unionists do not waste the opportunity provided by today's statement. The negative response and hysterical reaction of the likes of Ian Paisley junior do not exactly augur well for the future. I hope that this time there will be a lasting peace and return to normal life in Northern Ireland and throughout Britain and Ireland.

Sadly, the British have new threats to deal with now, with home-grown Islamic militants executing dastardly deeds through indiscriminate suicide bombing. Like most Irish people, I stand with and support our brothers and sisters in Britain, with whom we Irish have a common bond for centuries. Let's hope that this campaign will not go on for as long as the "war" in Northern Ireland.

I can't understand how Blair can assert that what is happening in Britain is not linked to events in Iraq and in Palestine and other places in the Middle East. Anybody with half a brain can see the link. Bombs raining from the sky in Iraq that kill innocent people might be considered no different to a bomb placed in a train or bus in Britain or elsewhere. This is not to justify the actions of these criminals, merely to offer an explanation. I dearly hope that some resolution will be found soon to all these horrible problems.

Back to Northern Ireland, unfortunately the Unionists continue to carp and don't seem to be capable of uttering a single positive sentence about today's events. I am just watching another bitter, mean-spirited spokesman on television with not a single good word to say. And then there was Ruth Dudley Edwards on radio today ...

Jaysus! Will they ever learn?

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