Thursday, March 10, 2005

Getting lazy!

I must be getting soft! Three months since my last blog entry. Obviously nothing has bothered me enough to put finger to keyboard in a while.

Not incompetent politicians who might cost the Irish taxpayer (me!) billions through compensation payments to pensioners they ripped off from years back but kept it a BIG SECRET.

Not the hordes of grabbing, greasy-fingered, ravenous scroungers who want to pick over the bones of their dead relatives and do a smash-and-grab on the current crop of state dependents and hard-pressed taxpayers.

Not the mendacious politicians blathering on about the M3 motorway.

Not Enda Kenny - Jaysus! Enough said!

Not the tree-huggers who want to preserve our ancestors, and the shite and litter they left behind (haven't we enough illegal dumps around the country), in stone or under the green grass of Tara while Meath commuters fume from stress in endless traffic jams and their infant children have enormous bags under their eyes from being woken shortly after midnight to be got ready to go to the creche at 4.30 a.m. so their parents can be in Dublin by 8 a.m. The poor kids spend the day with other snot-nosed strangers and well-meaning foreign nannies and are then collected at 8 p.m. and brought home where their exhausted mammies and daddies (or are they moms and pops now?) spend exactly 45 minutes "quality time" with them before packing the little mites off to bed. Yawn ....... night night mammy ....... will you read me a story? Please .... please ...... please mammy ........ sob ..... sob ...... sob ....... zzzzzzzzzzz

Not the "travellers" movement (keep on travellin' folks - somewhere else!) who want to be recognised as an ethic minority in Ireland. Jaysus! Can you believe it? Legal constraints prevent further comment.

Not the Shinners who, while constantly saying they want to speak "clearly", manage to cloud every issue and statement in equivocation, double-speak, cant, bluster, bunkum and every other type of avoidance and obfuscation they can muster.

Not the arseholes and dinosaurs in the so-called IRA who still think it is OK to shoot people as a form of kangaroo court justice.

Not the apologists for the arseholes in the IRA and the Shinners (what's the difference, you might ask). And who the hell is P O'Neill anyway? Where does he live? Is he married? Does he have children? Is he really Grisly Adams? And why do all the newspapers and broadcast media publish the drivel this guy spews out on behalf of his crowd of thugs when they would not, for example, publish an anonymous submission from me?

Not baby-faced Mary Lou, the pin-up babe of the Shinners who speaks absolute tosh ("let me be ABSOLUTELY clear on this ...") but can't be accused of being a bimbo because she is not blonde.

No, I am nice and calm and not bothered by anything at all. Total peace and tranquility. Aaaaahhhhhhhhh ......... lovely ............. so nice to be alive ............... great.............

Bye for now - gonna chill some more