Thursday, September 29, 2005

The triumph of evil

According to Edmund Burke "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Yesterday, with one brave exception, an almost full conference hall at the British Labour Party conference watched, and Jack Straw looked on from the podium, as an octogenarian was assaulted and forcibly removed from the hall by a horde of thugs masquerading as "security staff." His crime? Simply challenging Straw's views on Iraq with a single heckle: “nonsense!”

Even more seriously, this 57-year veteran of the Labour Party was arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, which should resonate with us Irish.

Shame on those who sat idly by instead of coming to the aid of this man. Shame on those who assaulted him. But most of all, shame on Jack Straw who did not cry "halt" but chose instead to continue his craven justification of Britain's illegal attack and continuing occupation of Iraq.

How ironic that the gentleman who was so callously assaulted and humiliated should be a Jewish survivor of Nazism.

Also at the conference yesterday, the long-serving MP, Austin Mitchell's digital camera was seized and the photographs he'd taken were deleted.

Is all of this a sign of New Labour's brand of "National Socialism?"

Sunday, July 31, 2005

I really like Google!

Google continues to get better and better.

Google News provides users with the latest news, updated very frequently, from all over the world.

Google Earth is a spectacular satellite and mapping system that is truly remarkable.

Try them! You won't be disappointed.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow ...

As I write it is pissing rain in Dublin.

But youngest daughter, Tweety, is brightening up our lives with her performance as one of the orphans in Annie, currently playing to very happy and full houses in the Olympia Theatre in Dublin. We went to see the show last week and it is really great.

All the girls from Skerries' Moore School of Dance are excellent and are born performers and pros. Full credit to their teachers as well who put in massive effort in preparing the girls for the show. The President of Ireland visited the girls at the theatre recently and that was a great thrill for all. The photos look great as well, though Tweety has a bit of a knack of not being in pics!

Break a leg, girls!

Shin Bear is coming home!

Hard to believe that our lovely daughter, Shin Bear, is coming home in a little over a week. It only seems like yesterday that she set off to study for a year in Copenhagen. We visited in March and she was back in Dublin a while ago.

And now she will soon be back in Ireland for her last year's study. Spoke to her yesterday and she really does not want to come home! Can you believe it? Our daughter prefers Copenhagen to Dublin. Hard to credit.

Actually, I think she is right. I loved Copenhgen when I was there and understand how she likes it so much. When she is finished her studies, she will probably head off back to the continent again.

Beats the States or Ireland any day!

Marty v Ryan

I have to say that Ryan Tubridy really gets up my nose! I don't think he has it for radio - he comes across as wooden, monotonous and often quite ill-informed. On the other hand, Marty Whelan is a born professional - a warm, cuddly and easy-going presenter who comes across much better. Good on ya, Marty! Keep it up.

And as for John Creedon ... retune your dial immediately!!!! There's something about Corkonians ...

Jaysus, enough said!

Is the war really over?

It was great to hear a spokesman for the so-called Irish Republican Army (IRA) confirm that that illegal, murderous and racketeering organisation is about to disband and discard their weapons, pursuing only peaceful and democratic means to achieve its aims in future. Let's hope that this is not another false dawn; we have had too many of them in the past.

Also let's hope that the British Government or the Unionists do not waste the opportunity provided by today's statement. The negative response and hysterical reaction of the likes of Ian Paisley junior do not exactly augur well for the future. I hope that this time there will be a lasting peace and return to normal life in Northern Ireland and throughout Britain and Ireland.

Sadly, the British have new threats to deal with now, with home-grown Islamic militants executing dastardly deeds through indiscriminate suicide bombing. Like most Irish people, I stand with and support our brothers and sisters in Britain, with whom we Irish have a common bond for centuries. Let's hope that this campaign will not go on for as long as the "war" in Northern Ireland.

I can't understand how Blair can assert that what is happening in Britain is not linked to events in Iraq and in Palestine and other places in the Middle East. Anybody with half a brain can see the link. Bombs raining from the sky in Iraq that kill innocent people might be considered no different to a bomb placed in a train or bus in Britain or elsewhere. This is not to justify the actions of these criminals, merely to offer an explanation. I dearly hope that some resolution will be found soon to all these horrible problems.

Back to Northern Ireland, unfortunately the Unionists continue to carp and don't seem to be capable of uttering a single positive sentence about today's events. I am just watching another bitter, mean-spirited spokesman on television with not a single good word to say. And then there was Ruth Dudley Edwards on radio today ...

Jaysus! Will they ever learn?

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Getting lazy!

I must be getting soft! Three months since my last blog entry. Obviously nothing has bothered me enough to put finger to keyboard in a while.

Not incompetent politicians who might cost the Irish taxpayer (me!) billions through compensation payments to pensioners they ripped off from years back but kept it a BIG SECRET.

Not the hordes of grabbing, greasy-fingered, ravenous scroungers who want to pick over the bones of their dead relatives and do a smash-and-grab on the current crop of state dependents and hard-pressed taxpayers.

Not the mendacious politicians blathering on about the M3 motorway.

Not Enda Kenny - Jaysus! Enough said!

Not the tree-huggers who want to preserve our ancestors, and the shite and litter they left behind (haven't we enough illegal dumps around the country), in stone or under the green grass of Tara while Meath commuters fume from stress in endless traffic jams and their infant children have enormous bags under their eyes from being woken shortly after midnight to be got ready to go to the creche at 4.30 a.m. so their parents can be in Dublin by 8 a.m. The poor kids spend the day with other snot-nosed strangers and well-meaning foreign nannies and are then collected at 8 p.m. and brought home where their exhausted mammies and daddies (or are they moms and pops now?) spend exactly 45 minutes "quality time" with them before packing the little mites off to bed. Yawn ....... night night mammy ....... will you read me a story? Please .... please ...... please mammy ........ sob ..... sob ...... sob ....... zzzzzzzzzzz

Not the "travellers" movement (keep on travellin' folks - somewhere else!) who want to be recognised as an ethic minority in Ireland. Jaysus! Can you believe it? Legal constraints prevent further comment.

Not the Shinners who, while constantly saying they want to speak "clearly", manage to cloud every issue and statement in equivocation, double-speak, cant, bluster, bunkum and every other type of avoidance and obfuscation they can muster.

Not the arseholes and dinosaurs in the so-called IRA who still think it is OK to shoot people as a form of kangaroo court justice.

Not the apologists for the arseholes in the IRA and the Shinners (what's the difference, you might ask). And who the hell is P O'Neill anyway? Where does he live? Is he married? Does he have children? Is he really Grisly Adams? And why do all the newspapers and broadcast media publish the drivel this guy spews out on behalf of his crowd of thugs when they would not, for example, publish an anonymous submission from me?

Not baby-faced Mary Lou, the pin-up babe of the Shinners who speaks absolute tosh ("let me be ABSOLUTELY clear on this ...") but can't be accused of being a bimbo because she is not blonde.

No, I am nice and calm and not bothered by anything at all. Total peace and tranquility. Aaaaahhhhhhhhh ......... lovely ............. so nice to be alive ............... great.............

Bye for now - gonna chill some more