Sunday, October 31, 2004


Why do so many people wish others a "Happy Halloween"? What's the big deal? Outside my houses right now, even though I am several miles from the nearest town, it looks and sounds like Fallujah under attack by some murderous band of American marauders intent on destruction and mayhem. Fireworks are exploding everywhere, the sky is lit up with flares, bonfires burn brightly and there is a general air of disorder. Never mind the disturbance to householders, animals and the general community, not to mention the extra pressure put on the emergency services. I hate this night.

Lord Kinnock de "Deux-Face"?

Accolade of “hypocrite of the week” must surely go to Neil Kinnock for accepting a seat in the British House of Lords. David’s Frosts sycophantic interview on BBC TV this morning with the former Labour party leader and their mutually self-congratulatory valediction to “Lord Kinnock” from “Sir David” was truly stomach-churning.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

This one is especially for you, Shin Bear

Hi Shin Bear. I know it can get a bit lonely living away from home in Denmark. We miss you as much as you miss us. Love you, darling.

Get lost, George

I am watching a programme on TV about that cretin, George Bush and his belief in god. It is some of the scariest stuff I have ever seen. Let's hope this idiot and his cohort of warmongering imperialist goons and puppets of big business are drummed out of the White House next week. If they aren't, the world will be a much more dangerous place.

George tells us: "Freedom is on the march." I say: "And it is wearing jackboots."

And, George, why are you blocking access to your web site from outside the USA? What are you so afraid of? I know you are afraid of the world outside - you live on fear and engender it in your people - but isn't this going a bit too far? What about all those good citizens of the USA living abroad? What about your soldiers and hired guns who are invading several countries around the world at present in your "War Of Terror"? Don't they have a right to know what you are saying about your re-election campaign?

I hope you get to see your god some day soon, George, real soon, as you descend to the fires of hell, and I hope it is wearing a turban.